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Ability UK Debt Collection is the trading name of The Ability Organisation Ltd (UKDC).

It is agreed that: 1. Once any debt has been received, remuneration is due: Where settlement is effected by payment to UKDC or directly with the client by acceptance of money or otherwise, or where the client directs UKDC to hold, suspend or discontinue action without reasonable explanation or where settlement is effected in any manner whatsoever or when judgment is awarded. Debts referred where judgment has already been obtained will be regarded as being resolved when, in addition to the terms above, a charge is secured against any asset or when an attachment of earnings order has been obtained.  "Resolve" is agreed to include accounts referred where UKDC is instructed to suspend or hold action and in the case of Volume Debt Recovery where the dept is disputed or through the course of this service it is discovered that the debt was not valid or incorrect in any way. Individual Debt Collection Terms & Commissions will apply to Volume Debts if they are referred to litigation.
2. UKDC is employed as the customer's agent working on behalf of the customer and any accounts referred for action must be true and valid and UKDC is not liable for any loss or damage which may be suffered as a consequence of the service provided and/or other.
3. The client shall immediately notify Ability of any monies, offers or correspondence received directly from the debtor.
4. Any information supplied is to be treated as indicative only and the client agrees that information supplied in respect of  any Credit Reference, Trace Status Enquiry, Company Report etc. is supplied in the strictest of confidence, for the clients eyes only, and the client agrees not to divulge any information or part to any third party or parties. All correspondence including conversations are agreed to be strictly confidential and shall not be repeated to any outside source.
5. Disbursements i.e. Court Fees, Tracing fees, Travelling Expenses etc. are the responsibility of the client. Where UKDC is instructed to carry out extra work such as liaising with solicitors, outside agency, producing written reports, acting solely as a witness etc, this work is chargeable at our going rates per hour or any quarter part. 
6. UKDC credit terms are 14 days from date of invoice and the client agrees to pay interest of 5% per month in respect of fees still outstanding 14 days from date of invoice unless extended credit terms have been agreed in writing. It is agreed that UKDC may debit its fees before crediting the client where the debtor makes payment directly to UKDC.
7. Additional or further accounts referred for action are agreed to be subject to these Terms and Conditions.
8. Documents sent or passed to UKDC are agreed to be transported at the senders own risk and only COPIES of relevant documents should, if necessary, be passed for action. UKDC does not accept responsibility for any documents or other in any way whatsoever received from any source. UKDC reserves the right to dispose of or destroy documents still in its possession three months from date of receipt.
9. In the event of UKDC advancing monies in respect of payments received by cheque or other which subsequently are returned unpaid by the bank or other organisation the client agrees to reimburse UKDC immediately and if this is not done the client agrees to pay all expenses with regard to recovering these monies through the courts etc.  The client also agrees that interest of  5% a month will be charged on these monies until repaid in full.
10. This or any other contract that exists between UKDC and the client is agreed to be governed by English Law and no other. It is agreed that any dispute or grievance between UKDC and the client shall be settled by arbitration either in The Slough County Court or by the Arbitration Service Offices in London SW1.
11. UKDC reserves the right to cancel, reject, or withdraw any service or term at any time without penalty or compensation and without explanation.
12. Witness court attendance by UKDC is subject to court location and availability.
13.The signatory or person or organisation that submits any Debt Collection request or any other request for services or products declare that they have the proper authority to do so and agree to be liable for any fee or other as a result of that submission.
14. Business Forms ordered such as Personal Guarantee, Retention of Title, Credit Application Form etc are supplied free of charge for illustrative/information purposes only and any charge made is an administration fee. No liability is accepted for these forms whatsoever, for accuracy, performance, effectiveness or other.
15. Unless prior agreement in writing is obtained no variations of any UKDC Terms or Conditions will be accepted.
16. CREDITS PURCHASED: Guaranteed Results apply to Volume Debt Recovery Credits Purchase only for the service up to the litigation stage only. Any debt that UKDC fails to recovery or resolve as stated in (1) above, will be credited on the further purchase of Credits. Volume Debt Recovery Credits are defined as being two letters & phone calls unless otherwise stated and normal debt recovery rates and Terms apply to debts referred for Litigation.







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