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If you have received a contact from us you may like to choose one of the following:


Admit the amount claimed

You should contact us immediately to avoid further action and expense.


Admit the amount claimed but cannot afford to pay

If you cannot pay the amount claimed in full it is often possible to arrange payments by instalments. In order to arrange this you must contact us without delay.


Dispute the amount claimed

If you dispute part or whole of the amount claimed you should contact us as soon as possible, preferably in writing, stating exactly why you are disputing the claim. Failure to act immediately may result in additional charges and legal action being taken against you without further notification.


Do nothing

Your creditor and UK Debt Collection have no wish to start Legal Action against you. If you delay or do nothing, you may leave us no alternative than to start legal action. In this event you may find that a judgment is awarded against you which will affect your credit worthiness and you may also find yourself ordered to attend court and even the bailiffs ceasing your goods or property. The worst thing you could do now is to do nothing.




Why not ask us to set up a standing?


If you need legal advice you should consult a solicitor or alternatively you can find the address of your local Citizens Advice Bureau by clicking on this link.


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