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Credit Application Form

More companies fail through bad debt than for any other reason. A credit Application form is possibly the most important business form you will need in business. Use before granting credit and if the worst happens you can refer to this to find out exactly who you gave credit to. An essential tool when taking business decisions like increasing Credit Limits or to refer to before taking legal action.


Retention of Title

Drawn up by a major firm of solicitor's this document may allow you to recover your goods in the event of a customer going under. Also contains valuable notes on effecting repossession together with a letter of authority to give to your driver, salesman or agent to gain access to the building where your goods are stored.   


Personal Guarantee

You may decide that some of your customers may be about to fail or are simply feeling the squeeze from banks etc. Used unilaterally or multilaterally these Guarantees can recover monies even after a company has gone into receivership. A very valuable business tool.


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